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Our manufacturers include, but are not limited to Navistar
 Ford, Dorman, Newstar
and Motorcraft.
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Core Returns ( No RMA Needed )

Core returns must be made within 30 days of the invoice.

Core must placed into the replacement parts original box and a
copy of your invoice must be included with your core return.

No core credit will be given if the core is broken and can not be rebuilt.

No Core Credit will be given if there is No Paper work showing your invoice or order number

1. In an “as removed from the engine state.”
2. Excessive rust is not acceptable.
3. No fire or physical damage.
4. Cannot have been disassembled or have missing parts.
5. Unless otherwise noted, core returned must be the same part
number as purchased; like-for-like.

Cores are to be returned to:

HNC Truck Parts
38 Summit Rd
Oak Ridge NJ 07438
Attn Core Return

Core Packaging Tips

As you are aware, cores are valuable and can be worth several hundred dollars. It is important to package them properly to protect them during transit and ensure they arrive in once piece.
• When possible use a new box constructed to withstand the weight of your shipment..
• When returning pumps it is best to re-use the original black foam packaging material, as it has been engineered to fit and protect the pump during transit.
• M-Props are one of the most commonly damaged items during transit. Valued at approximately $150, a damaged M-Prop can someEmes cost you up to 1/3 of the core value.
• When packaging pumps for return it is best to wrap the M-Prop with extra packaging material.
• The M-Prop can also be removed, wrapped up with the screws, and placed in the box separately to avoid damage.
• When returning mulEple injector cores in one shipment it is best to wrap them individually in packaging material and place them in their original box. If the original boxes are not available, wrapping the injectors in packaging material will help to avoid damage during transit.


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We will ship USPS Flat Rate to Alaska and Hawaii. Please contact us for ordering.

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